Crack-ED is on a mission to empower individuals worldwide by providing them with skill development opportunities through upskilling courses which consist of engaging activities and mentor-guided learning.

What are the benefits of choosing Crack-ED Courses?

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Program Details

This is a one-week course that consists of Live sessions, assignments, and Live Activities. Also get a certification post completeion of your course.

Crack-ED courses ideal for?

An aspiring individual who wants to upskill and become independent so that he/she can crack every opportunity that knocks on their door.

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What Crack-ED courses offer:

Mentorship from renowned CXO's and CEO'S.

Help in building and nurturing relationships

Helps to make an individual work-ready.

Helps to increase productivity

One can easily grab global opportunities after completing Crack-ED courses.

Open doors to career advancement.

Program Fee:

Rs 4130/- (Including GST)